Everyone who has ever heard something about the darknet and trading on the dark side of the Internet has heard about the site KRAKEN. This marketplace was able to quickly unwind and gain an audience of tens or even hundreds of thousands of users. Thousands of users shop here every day. And the reason for this is a large number of advantages compared to other similar platforms. I would like to highlight the following:

looks great. The website design is really great. There are no bright eye-catching elements here. Everything is simple but tasteful. The main style of the site — it is minimalism, white background and black text. Nothing will distract you from shopping.

— Sophisticated navigation and product search methods. It will not be difficult to find the products you need, because there is a section with categories and all products are divided into small sections. In addition, there is a search on the KRAKEN website, which means that you can simply type in the name of the product and see all possible offers.

— Easy way to replenish the balance. Since the site is located on the darknet, the main method of payment here is cryptocurrency, since it is the crypt that allows anonymous transactions between users. For those who do not have bitcoin, there is an exchanger and you can exchange your SBER for KRAKEN money.

— Convenient services. On the KRAKEN website, in addition to the prohibition, there are a number of important and unique services. There is also a school for treasure hunters, consultations from narcologists and psychiatrists, and training for store administrators. There is also a wayaway forum where you can both spend time discussing pressing issues with the same ban fans like you, and find work writing thematic content or creating graphics design for stores.

— ; Adequate technical support. On , there may be difficulties in transactions, in fact, as in a regular marketplace. But technical support can help you solve any issue. They react quickly and make fair decisions.

In fact, there are several most important points when visiting the Kraken site. The first is the use of the secure TOR browser. It is this browser that will make you invisible, and visiting the site